United States patent marking for AMEC® products is as follows. Each list of patents by product name applies to all products sold by the designated product names, unless stated otherwise.  Items listed below may be sold individually or in combination. 

Product Description Patent numbers
T-A® General Items with Notch Point (-NP, -IN, -RN, -CN, -AN) US6685402, US6986628, US7114893, US7371035, EP1372894, CA2647787, CA2678238, CA2441511
GEN2 T-A® US6685402, US6986628, US7114893, US7371035, US7018145, US7241089, US7011478, US7547166, EP1372894, EP1682295, CA2647787, CA2678238, CA2441511, CA2542815, CA2542814, CNZL200480032788.9, CNZL200480032635.4, CN200910004726.1, IN227218, IN228015, MX253703, MX274690, KR795598, KR764140, CNZL200910145763.4
Structural Steel T-A® -SS, -TW, -NP US6685402, US6986628, US7114893, US7371035, US7147414, EP1372894, CA2647787, CA2678238, CA2441511, CA2490052, MX251369, DE60348933.8, EP1551585
90 Spot & Chamfer T-A® -SP, -SW US6848869
Flatbottom T-A® -FB, -FN US6135681, EP1 210 196, CA2341367
Diamond Film T-A® 1N2*D-xxxx US6902359, MX250834
Accuport® Inserts US6984094, US7632050, US7942616, CA2724162, CA2658202, MX263564, DE60348296.1, EP2468439, IT2468439, FR2468439, EP1545817, DE60349564.8, UK1545817, IT1545817, FR1545817
Accuport® Holders US6984094, US7632050, US7942616, CA2658202, CA2724162, MX263564, DE60348296.1, EP2468439, IT2468439, FR2468439, EP1545817, DE60349564.8, UK1545817, IT1545817, FR1545817
ASC320® US6676342, CA2471799, EP1465745
GEN3SYS® Inserts and Holders US7131799, US7950881, US8371778, EP1697073,           EP 1 697 073, KR764141, CA2546058, CNZL2004800377821.7, CNZL201010246565.X, IN240639, MX274461
BT-A US8556550, MX309545, JP5302305, CNZL200880022338.X, AU2008270777, RU2429948, CA2690230, KR1485408, RU2559601, US9561550
Revolution Drill® US8506212, US8480338, US8517644, CNZL200880102461.2, RU2440872, RU2463131, CA2689115, CA2737005, MX320333, MX321127, AU2008261897, KR1472805, CNZL200980145125.0, RU2547365
Criterion Boring Tools® US7309194
APX Drill US9498829



Other U.S. and Int’l Patents Pending

Effective Date: January 26, 2017





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